There is a place beyond the sky, Ikki Minami. No, infact i should say, that you have yet to aim towards the skies true form... to run on the road that goes on forever, the planets and stars dancing at the tip of your fingers... that is the road i am for, Sky King... i call it, The Infinity Road. The limitless deeps of the cosmos, just waiting to be explored, one day, i'll obtain that road, and when i do, i'll be the one running faster, and flying higher than anyone!

—Rider speaking to Sky King, Ikki Minami

Rider Faiken
Race Abormal Human
Gender Male

Rider Falken is a powerful earthling who uses Air Trek's to focus and unleash the vast potential of powers within him. He came to Goat City for a variety of reasons, such as to increase his AT riding skills, make new friends, and make himself stronger as a figher. He is very ambitious and wants to achieve "true flight" in his lifetime, having the aim to run faster and fly higher than anyone else. He is branded a "a threatening event waiting to happen" by several top notch scientist, being described as the first and only "natural-born gravity child in all existance".


Rider is a young, semi-androgynois male with long, dark black silky hair and is of an athletic/muscular build. One of the most noticeable traits about him is his towering stature, as he stands several heads over even fully grown adults. While he is not quite a giant, he is exceedingly tall.


Rider has a great sense of friendship and justice and values the bonds with his allies over everything else. He has great faith in his allies and believes in hard work aswell as supporting one another, and has the wisdom of a male far beyond his years.

Techniques Used

Final Spirit Cannon: A technique that is also used by Bardock, Rider gathers a heavy concentration of energy in his right palm and tosses it at his enemies, yielding great explosive force upon making contact with his target.