Older john with headband

Race 1/4 Water elemental (Hyooman), 3/4 Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth July 23, 1994
Date of death To be determined
Height 5'7
Weight 121 lb
Residence Goat City
Current Location Undisclosed
Allegiance Neutral
Likes Quiet people, funny people, food
Dislikes Bullies, People that smell, drunks, math
Family Deceased Mother and sister
Controlled By User:Stevenduncan17

John is just your average joe.


John has blue eyes. He wears a Tee shirt with a jacket that varies in color, and brown spiky hair. H

He tends to have a appearance that makes people wonder about him and always wears a necklace of some sort.

Most never approach him because when they start to do he looks up with a glare but its mostly for show as he means no harm


John is smart but chooses not to care about anything he doesn't find interesting and thats why he struggles at university

He is quiet at times but when the oppurtunity is right he always has a witty joke or something dumb to say.

The one thing that gets him in to trouble is he is brutally honest and will call people out on the spot, he is also very competitive which does not help the problem.

Like most guys John is in love with sports he will play them with anyome anywhere anytime. He is known for his baseball skills but has been a threat on the basketball court to his flight which allows him to dunk with ease. He plays tennis on occasion, hockey is another sport where he lets his Saiyan side loose.


  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Flooding Technique – The ability to flood the area around himself in water.
  • Ki Blast - The simplest Ki attack.
  • Burning Attack