Elita One
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth 17 years ago
Height Five Feet Three Inches
Weight 120 lbs
Residence Nomadic, has no true home
Current Location In a tent
Occupation Being herself
Allegiance Lawful Evil
Controlled By Primus' Babe

Elita is a female human who wears armor due to her heavily scarred body.

Lil elita

Elita as a child. Note her KAWAINESS


Elita was once a beautiful young girl. Born with cropped brown hair and brown eyes, many boys once liked her. She usually wore a burgundy or green sweater with an undershirt. She also wore a skirt with boots. However, when she fell into the fire, her hair was gone, her skin heavily burnt and eyes turned red. She now wears magenta armor and never takes it off.


Elita was born to Varsity and Ariel One, millionaire parents.

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