Race 1/2 Human, 1/2 Unknown
Gender Female
Date of birth March 4, 1994
Date of death Unknown
Height 5'10
Weight 130
Residence Africa
Current Location Multi-Wiki Martial Arts Tournament
Occupation Hunter
Allegiance Good
Likes Playing Games, killing, exploring
Dislikes Being picked on, and other secrets.
Family Unknown
Controlled By Princess AJ Marina

Not much is known about Clover, she is very secretive and short tempered. She doesn't like people snooping into her past cause they might not find what they were looking for...


Clover is a short twenty-year-old with blue eyes and freckles. Her most noticeable feature is her pink hair, which she keeps in bushy pigtails. She sports a voluminous black jacket with pink around the cuffs and the collar, a plaid skirt, black boots with pink heels, and a pair of snow leopard print white earmuffs. She also has a white shirt under her jacket with a plaid ribbon around her neck. She has a very high voice and bears a number four bracelet.


Clover is prone to having rapid swings of emotions. Clover can be very emotional at points but she isn't afraid to say what she thinks. Clover is very close to her brother (who's name is unkown). She doesn't trust others and is very secretive about any information that she might have.


Clover's background is unknown.