Abandoned Warehouse
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Will I be mugged there?
Type Building you can completely destroy without feeling guilty
Location Goat City, a block away from LaserVille, in the bad part of the city
Notable Inhabitants Rats

This is an abandoned random warehouse, perfect for a fight between a villain and a hero.


This warehouse features a large and complex series of catwalks running among the rafters. This allows the villain to position additional Mooks there for the hero to shoot down, and means that he may retreat onto them for the traditional Climbing Climax. There will also be lots and lots of chains hanging from the ceiling for unexplained purposes, as well as lots of water dripping from the roof to give off some nice and eerie clanking and dripping noises for the cat and mouse chase. When roleplaying here, there will generally be large amounts of property damage, since "abandoned warehouse" is shorthand for "building we can completely destroy without feeling guilty."